Posted 2007-08-30 by Paul Balogh.

The other day while getting my techno/breakbeat fix on Boombox, an awesome Fatboy Slim remix of Brimful of Asha came on. Of course, I had to begin searching everywhere for the MP3. Finally, I was actually able to locate a custom video for the song on YouTube...that's when this topic's website came into play. allows you to provide a url to a Flash Video (FLV) and convert it into several formats, one of which being the audio to MP3!

It's not perfect, but's free. I had a couple attempts fail with a default error message like being down (yeah, right!), but persistence prevailed.

Check it out at

Posted 2007-07-27 by Paul Balogh.

A neighbor has setup a site which is beginning to get some legs on it. Check it out and sign up! Be sure to sign up using me as a referral so I can get free stuff!

This site is a lot of fun. They even provide widgets to hook into other social network sites like and Facebook.

The monthly contest ends in...Click to find out how you will rank.

Posted 2007-01-16 by Paul Balogh.

The other week, I was building a new Linux box with Ubuntu---now it's a Fedora Core 6 box, but that's another story---and stumbled across this site when searching for information on compiling and configuring VMWare Server.

This site is awesome! In fact, this is exactly what I was thinking when my cohorts and I were thinking of usual, we were a little too late. Hats off to the folks at HowtoForge!

The site is full of great howtos and tutorials for keeping your flavor of Linux up and running! This is one site that I know I'll get a great deal of use out of.

Check it out at

Google vs. Flickr?

Posted 2006-07-19 by Paul Balogh.

Google has a new beta product photo albums which are integrated nicely within their Picasa product.

Simply select an album in Picasa, click the Web Album option, select the maximum image size, set some metadata, then voila! Your pictures will be uploaded to Google into a new or existing album. From there, folks can comment on your public albums. Exif data can also be viewed to see what your camera settings were at the time you snapped that ultimate pic.

Currently, Picasa is only available for Windows 2000/XP and Linux. The free version of will allow you to have up to 250MB of online storage for your photos.

Check out my public albums at:

Pretty sweet!

Posted 2005-09-10 by Paul Balogh.

I've known about this site for a while, but thought I'd share it. What does your home, cell, work phone number spell?

Check it out