Posted 2007-07-27 by Paul Balogh.

A neighbor has setup a site which is beginning to get some legs on it. Check it out and sign up! Be sure to sign up using me as a referral so I can get free stuff!

This site is a lot of fun. They even provide widgets to hook into other social network sites like and Facebook.

The monthly contest ends in...Click to find out how you will rank.

Power Cost for a Server

Posted 2007-02-26 by Paul Balogh.

A friend stumbled across an interesting blog entry estimating the cost of running a computer 24/7. He passed it along to me knowing that I have about three machines running all the time at home---one for my server, another is my kids' (they forget to shut it down), and another is my wife's "public access" machine. I also have some peripherals running, like my network storage device and printers.

Between all of these, I'm probably spending roughly $700 a year in electricity!! I'll probably pick up a meter and calculate a more accurate estimate.

And here, I thought I was somewhat of a "green-friendly" guy!

Quote of the Day

Posted 2006-09-08 by Paul Balogh.

Heard an awesome quote today that I just had to share.

<rant>It astounds me that companies *still* think that developers are plug and play components.</rant>

The man speaks the truth.

More Hindi

Posted 2005-09-27 by Paul Balogh.

In the same vein as the Hooked on Hindi site, I found the following additional resource which includes Hindi as well as German, French and Japanese to name a few:

Now, as a warning to all you kids out there eager to go out and use your new vocabulary, think again...the man is on to you!